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The 4 Seasons pizza is a popular pizza in Italy. The “quattro stagioni” pizza represents the four seasons in its use of toppings. Four Seasons opened in Lenexa, KS in March, 2013. Giulio Covello and Marino Moccia from Southern Italy, are bringing their love and passion for great Italian food to the Kansas City area. Experience their casual dining style with quality food.

We try to stay authentic in our Italian dishes but still meet the American taste. You will not find Alfredo sauce, but we make our own bechamel sauce instead, in some of our pasta dishes. We keep our traditions alive. Simple and fresh is the best. Four Seasons is honored that so many of our customers, locals and visitors, tell us they haven’t had a better tasting pizza and pastas dishes anywhere else.

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Charles FerruzaThe Pitch, 03/14/2014

“…it’s such an unexpected find…that it deserves attention…”

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